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RUNWAY86 is presenting the luxury brand HEAVEN IN AFRICA. The brand provides exquisite exclusive customized journeys in the African region. 

HEAVEN IN AFRICA''s ground operation is co-founded by the owners of RUNWAY86 to be able to fully control your Xclusive Customized Travel Experience in africa and deliver you “Travel Beyond Imagination” because in our philosophy you deserve more than just a nice story on paper and poor execution.


High training standards have been implemented in both companies to deliver the highest service level and sharing common values. We only work with the best guides with a proven track record to make the difference between great and exquisite. This is what sets us apart from others.

Besides making your journey unforgettable the vision of the company is to contribute to the development of local communities by enriching and educating travellers in local culture and socially responsible travel. 
One of the examples of our “Travel Beyond Imagination” and socially responsible and sustainable travel would be the lunches we provide during your experience instead of a paper box with a cold lunch we provide hot lunches.
We use normal tableware instead of plastics and share remaining food with local people to prevent food from being wasted in a part of the world where not everybody has access to a healthy meal every day.

HEAVEN IN AFRICA is offering unique and personal experiences one doesn't want to miss out on. The variety of journeys and experiences is unlimited. Just relax during our safaris and be amazed by nature, explore sights, once in a lifetime balloon flight over the Serengeti, on the beach in zanzibar or even trekking the Kilimanjaro.          

We customize your journey towards your wishes & needs, presenting our knowledge and experience of the multiple options to make your journey the most memorable one! Get inspired by our itineraries & with our rich field experience we are able to put together an experience catered to your wishes. Get in touch by our enquiry form or chat with a RUNWAY86 Journey Consultant


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“Travel Beyond Imagination”

Your Journey team @
Heaven in Africa & Runway 86  

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