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Hampers & Vehicles

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Sustainable travel is hot and happening and it seems more like a trend rather than a

conscious decision. As a company we have reduced our plastic waste by 95% and we are

looking forward to be going completely plastic free in the very near future.

The question that popped up many times was, how can we go not only plastic free, but also waste free?

How can we do it in a luxurious way and how can we still maintain the quality of our service

and food. It seemed like a challenge, but we knew that no challenge is big enough for us.

We quickly came up with the concept of using pick-nick hampers instead of lunchboxes.

The hampers are filled with real cutlery, plates, mugs, wine cups, table mats and hotpots to keepthe food warm. Apart from the fact that it gives a very luxurious feeling to your trip, it also iswaste free and the variation in food is broader and you get to experience the taste of East African food, which is missed out when getting served a typical lunchbox. Whether you are having a traditional rice with stew or chapatis with a vegetable curry, all food is prepared with love and attention to any dietary requirements you may have.

The experience itself is one of the best while in Tanzania, you get to experience a whole

different level of what a luxury travel experience should feel like. Sipping a chilled glass of

wine while looking over the savannah, is an experience that is hard to beat.

This way we leave you with beautiful memories and the earth with nothing but our


Travel beyond your imagination,

“Travel Beyond Imagination”

Your Journey team @ Runway 86 & Heaven in Africa

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