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  • A ladies journey experience by Heather.

Safari to Sooth Your Soul

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

When was the last time you relaxed? I mean really relaxed, in total silence just connecting with yourself and your surroundings, living completely in the moment. It’s not often that our chaotic lives lend time for us to truly live in the moment and push all thoughts and stress from our mind. My trip to Tanzania came at no better time in my life, as I was burning out, working 7 days a weeks, being pulled in a million directions. I felt lost and trapped in my own life and was terrified that this is what the rest of my life would be like.

Our first night on safari we stayed in this remote cottage on the edge of the Meru National Park, close to an isolated Masai village. And by remote, I mean bushwhacking, is this even a road REMOTE! The cottage was a perfect mix of African essence and contemporary décor set in the shadow of Mount Meru, with nothing around it but wilderness. -Side note that added to all the good feels of this trip, is that by staying at this cottage we were helping fund local social projects by Africa Amini, such as schools, orphanages and hospitals.- That evening I sat on the back deck and watch as the sun moved behind the mountain, setting in the sky – for the first time in what seemed like forever my mind was still. I was completely at ease and wrapped up in what was right there in front of me. It was then that I finally heard my soul speaking to me, telling me there IS a different and a better way to go through life. That night was the first time I mediated and felt something new and powerful shift inside me. This moment set the stage for the rest of our safari and left me yearning for a more wholesome life once I returned to Canada.

The rest of our safari continued to leave me feeling relaxed and passionate about life. During your own adventure, I encourage you to take a moment to just soak up everything, put your camera down for a second and just watch the animals in front of you, observe how they interact, loose yourself in a vast star light sky, or just sit and listen to the crackles of the bush TV (aka campfire). There is something so grounding to witnessing nature and life at its core and most pure state, it’s the kind of energy that can heal souls. Every part of my safari left me feeling refreshed and uplifted, from the enchanting African meals, to the friendly smiles and overwhelming hospitality, Tanzania certainly stole a piece of my heart.

If you need an experience that will both unnerve and ground you at the same time, a safari is what your soul is calling for. Whether it's marvelling at Tanzania’s mountains, getting lost in the endless plains of the Serengeti, basking in the incredible sunsets or feeling the breeze of the Indian Ocean, a visit to Tanzania will leave you refreshed, inspired and ready to live your best life.

Best Regards,


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