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  • A ladies journey experience by Heather.

Unique ladies journey!

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Thinking about going on a Safari? I cannot think of a better way to spend a week than on safari with some of my best friends! I know traditionally a safari may seem more like a romantic trip between a couple, or a vacation to take with family, but I am telling you, if I did it again, I would not have chosen to share this experience with no one else but my gals! Picnic lunches with wine, delicious foreign foods, exotic culture and breathtaking animals, seriously I could not have thought of a better way to share this experience. Not only is going on a safari an incredible experience but is a lot of FUN! And sharing it with a great group of girls took our entire trip to the next level.

Let’s be real, sometimes on safari, the drive between parks can be long and draining, but when sharing this experience with friends it was nothing short of hilarious and fun. Whether we were blaring the new Lion King soundtrack, singing along with our incredible guide (who by the way we all agree should take up a side career in singing) or fondly giving the animals names and backstories this experience was nothing short of entertaining. Since our guide was amazing and literally fulfilled all our wishes by the end of our second day we began coming up with more interesting requests, such as an elephant birthing, finding all of the characters from the lion king and a mating – we had already seen a hunt so naturally, we needed the full circle of life – Haha!

Dinners in the camp dining tent were never eaten in silence as we always had funny stories to reminisce about. Whether it was our close encounter with a momma elephant, the successful cheetah hunt we saw from feet away or the hyena cub we wanted to take home with us, the stories and laughs never ended. Our evenings were filled with competitions of who could capture the best sunset photos, a friendly game or two of Uno and memories that would last us a lifetime. I will never forget waking each other up in the middle of the night because we heard a lion in the distance or the calling of a hyena family.

Every morning when we woke up at the crack of dawn I knew it was going to be a great day. How could it not! I was exploring one of the most beautiful and wondrous countries in the world, with some of my best friends! At the end off our safari we felt there was no better way to end our epic journey but watching the new Lion King movie in 3D at a theatre in Arusha! it truly was the best end of a once in a lifetime vacation. Everyone single one of us felt this trip not only surpasses all our expectations, but left us with full hearts, light minds and sore ribs from laughing so much!

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